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Repealing the Permanent Apportionment Act of 1929

Jeramy Olmack (He/They/Any) is an Independent Candidate for US Representative for Virginia's District-08 who aims to restore our representational democracy to represent the entire population, not just the wealthy.

We all feel disenfranchised because we have been for generations. Our representation has been restricted and undermined by the wealthy since the inception of our country. The people in power have only been interested in keeping and exploiting their power, we have seen it time and time again. Most outrageously when Congress passed the revenge-driven Permeant Apportionment Act of 1929 which put the 435 cap on the House of Representatives. Since then, we have had our voices restricted and twisted.

Our Democracy cannot suitably support our country with a static branch of government because it becomes easier to corrupt and control. It's time to end the Second Senate and expand our House of Representatives to 1365 Representatives. We must overthrow the duopoly by drowning them out of governance. Sign up to take action and support real non-partisan changes to our system.

Olmack For US Congress

Jeramy Olmack is a queer 26-year-old with a background in project management, drag, and military service. They are running as an independent to overthrow the duopoly that controls our political system.

Representation Not Empty Promises


Fighting for equal representation and breaking the influence of money in politics


Advocating for social justice and equality for all


Driving progress and innovation through inclusive policies

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