Jeramy's Statement on Running for US Representative

Read why Jeramy is running for US House of Representatives in Virginia's Congressional District 8. Find out the motivation behind the campaign.

2/28/20243 min read

It has become apparent that our leaders want to make decisions for us. Our leaders don’t want to listen to what we have to say, they want the control and influence that comes with the position. Our representatives want to emulate our oppressors. The entire idea of being a representative has been twisted to be exploited by wealthy and influential members of our oppressive ruling class. I am running a campaign not against the incumbent but against the entire system that allows for the incumbent to make theatrical and most times false campaign promises and present bullshit legislative agendas.

Representative Beyer doesn’t create an actionable legislative agenda because if he did it wouldn’t benefit him and his colleagues. His H.R. 3863 for fair representation doesn’t address our real issues. It introduced nothing actionable and intentionally didn’t do the one thing it needed to do because if it did then we would impact the amount of control he has. He has only passed one bill in his tenure, which was back in the 114th Congress from 2025-2016. Beyer has spent years in Congress but has only had 36 bills that have made it past introduction. He is not introducing actionable legislation. This is not common either, this is systematic. I am done making excuses for these people. They are intentionally ineffective and do not represent our interests.

I plan to change that by overthrowing and reclaiming the House of Representatives for the American, Native, and Local peoples to take back control of their country. It is time for a US 3.0 movement. Our first step must be to take control of the House of Representatives with real and independent members. It’s time to take control of our fight for democracy instead of letting the two-party system shape our world in the image of their masters. Both parties would rather see us fighting each other rather than them. There is only one war and it’s a class war against the ruling class that controls our political parties.

I am not claiming I will be much more effective but at least I will care, and I will at least push for the 1 bill that will matter in the long run addressing the massive inequity our country faces. I will repeal the revenge-driven legislation that is the Permant Apportionment Act of 1929; This act has not only limited our House of Representatives to 435 members but corrupted the ideologies controlling government functions, stagnated the growth of the electoral college, and allowed for the establishment of autocratic lordships. The oppressive ruling class has been working against the formation of a real democracy since the birth of our country. It’s why we had a second constitutional convention. It’s why local and state governments are allowed to have so much sovereignty over their oversight. It’s why as soon as the oppressed working and poor classes spent 50 years from 1880-1930 fighting back against the ruling class, they sought a way to limit our control, they passed revenge legislation that would limit all the rights our ancestors fought to gain. PAA29 succeeded in limiting the voice of women, people of color, and poor communities because it made it so that you had to buy their time to be listened to and whoever is the highest bidder has the loudest voice.

Don’t let the shiny modernity fool you into thinking they have changed. They would still rather sit on a pile of bones in a toxic wasteland than build a healthy society. They still see us as less than worthy of their time or thought. There's a reason Aaron Bushnell, Nex Benedict, Tortuguita, Breonna Taylor, the people and children of Gaza, the children in our schools, the queers who died from HIV/AIDS, our non-existent elders who were killed in hate crimes, and the many countless others who have died because the ruling class have built systems of oppression to ensure we can’t fight back against them. The survivors of life are not more conservative or wealthier, they push everyone else down so they can live. It's time to rise against these narratives and create a new one! We must rise and conquer the hill that is democracy this election cycle.