Get to know Jeramy Olmack

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Jeramy's Community Volunteering and Outreach

As the Membership Liaison, Jeramy is leading the membership outreach and event planning for the local civic association. He is currently working on expanding the civic association to cover Potomac Yard in Arlington since the region residents are currently unrepresented in the Arlington Civic Federation. Additionally, he is currently representing the residents of Crystal City in multiple capacities, including at the Arlington Civic Federation, at county meetings, and in conversations with outside organizations.

Jeramy was appointed to serve a 1-year term beginning in January 2024 to be the membership liaison after volunteering at the December 2023 annual membership meeting.

As a Member of the Board of Directors; Jeramy helps manage the yearly operations of the Arlington County Fair. Jeramy sits on multiple committees including Competitive Events, Sponsorship, Entertainment, and Logistics.

Jeramy was elected to serve a 3-year term by the Arlington County Fair Board at the December 2023 Board meeting starting in January 2024.

As a member of the Board of Directors; Jeramy assists with the oversight and support of the dance company.

Jeramy was elected by the Jane Franklin Board of Directors to serve a 2-year term at the January 2024 Board Meeting.

Crystal City Civic Association

Arlington County Fair Board

Jane Franklin Dance Company

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Campaign Mission

The rich and powerful, they take what they want. It's time to end their reign of terror.

Jeramy's Vision

We are governed by evil and corrupt groups who would rather sit on mountains of bones than make any changes. Jeramy is aiming to deny them their ability to buy off our elected officials, corrupt our systems of governance, or rewrite the rules. He refuses to allow these special interest groups to divide and conquer our democracy anymore. It's time to reclaim and restore our representative democracy once and for all time. No longer will we be dictated to by tyrannical leaders with God complexes about how we will live our lives. Jeramy is calling on everyone to stand up and vote for the independent candidate so we can finish claiming this hill that our democracy sits on and focus on winning the war of liberty for all.

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